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ExamDrop Features:

Proven Premium Exams

Our Premium files are validated against IT experts, to ensure you're studying the proper exam material, and have all the right answers.

Constant updates

Our repository is updated constantly, and new Premium files are added to the site every week.

No Lock-In - Only PDF files

Exam files provided will be standard PDF files. No need of additional software, except of PDF reader.

Immediate access to exam files

ExamDrop grants you access to Premium Exams, instantly. Once purchase is made you could download your exam files, and start preparing for you exam.

All platforms are supported

Linux geeks are welcome! And so are Windows, Mac, Android and iOS users. We're exclusively using PDF files that are compatible with most OS today.

Full Package

Each Premium Exam dump comes in a full package contains: PDF file – Portrait, PDF file – Landscape, PDF file – Questions Only.

Pricing and promotions:

Each Premium Exam Includes:

  • Immediate download of 3 PDF files -
    (1) Contains all Questions, Answer, and Images
    (2) Horizontal version, so large screenshots will be displayed properly
    (3) Contains All Questions and Images, but no answers.
  • Download available for 31 days
  • Flat rate price - $29.99


Do you have the latest XXX Premium Exam?
You can check our exam list here, as this list is updated constantly. Each exam shows update date, which correlates to the time this Exam version was actually changed, and updated.

Do you provide Exam Simulator program?
No. All files shared on this site are PDF files. You can use any PDF reader you’re comfortable with.

When will I be able to download my Premium Exam?
Right after the payment stage – you’ll get download link. This download link will be sent to your email as well.

How long will the download link be available for me?
Download link will be available for 31 days. In case we will get newer version of the exam file within this period – you could download the new version for free. 

How can I pay for an Exam file?
You can pay using PayPal, or use a Credit card. All major credit cards are accepted – Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

What discounts are available?
Our current promotion: When buying 2 Exam files in the same order, 40% off your 2nd Exam file.

Is the payment process secured?
The payment process goes through Paypal, which handles the transaction. ExamDrop doesn’t have access to this data.

Contact Us

For any questions or comments regarding Sales, or technical inquiries – Send us a message!

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